Our laboratory (MC 327) comprises
  • 5 small offices, each of them with a possible occupancy of 2 persons,
  • a large room with 12 desks organized circularly around the room
The center of the large room has two tables for collaborative works. Junior students who need frequent help and thus interactions with others are located in that large common room. Senior students, who may need more privacy when writing their theses, work in the small offices.
Note that there are currently
  • 11 students with an assigned spot in MC 327 and no spot assigned elsewhere, meanwhile
  • other students have an alternative spot within the Department of Mathematics.
  • Our lab, with the help of Science Technology Services maintains the stegosaurus compute cluster of 14 nodes, collectively providing 176 cores, 1016 GB of RAM, and 3 GPU cards.
  • Due to the ovoid shape of the lab, the 10 desks and surrounding shelves were specially designed for the room. Hence, they could not be used in a traditional rectangular room.
  • A smart board and a video projector are located in the middle of the main room.